Regency New York 40 City Series Modern Gas Fireplace

Regency New York 40 City Series Modern Gas Fireplace

Firebed Options
Crystals - Black, Black Coal Crushed, Starfire, Iceberg Crushed
Volcanic Stones - Tan, Gray
Driftwood Ceramic Log Set

Inner Panel Options
Enamel Black Reflective Panels
Metallic Black Non-Reflective Panels
Reflective Glass Black Inner Panels

Exterior Panel Options
Extended View Panels

Control Options
Proflame GTMF Remote Control (included)

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Model #New York 40
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Maximum BTU: 28,500
Optimum Efficiency: 60.02%
View Area: 570 sq. in.

The Regency City Series New York View linear gas fireplaces feature a seamless clear view of the fire with the ability to be integrated into any décor style.

Explore what City Series Modern Fireplaces have to offer.
  • Clean uninterrupted view of the fire
  • Invisible glass safety barrier
  • Reflective enamel or glass panels to accentuate the flame picture (optional)
  • Place a TV right above the fire
  • Standard interior lights to accentuate the fire
  • Use any finishing material right to the edge of the fireplace, even wood!
  • Available as Direct Vent or Power Vent

  • Key Features & Technologies
    Direct Vent Technology
    Cool Wall System
    Electronic Ignition
    Remote Control
    Seamless Glass Safety Barrier
    Heatwave Kit
    Limited Lifetime Warranty
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